“When I started training jiu jitsu with Karen and Adam at NorthSouth, I had goals of getting in better shape and learning self defense.  Although I achieved both (I lost over 20 pounds and can hold my own against bigger and stronger opponents), I never anticipated gaining a second family in the process.  This gym houses some of the most down-to-earth, genuine, and positive people I’ve ever met, and the friendly environment that Karen and Adam have built is extremely conducive to learning.  Your only regret will be not joining sooner.”

– Chris Oghia

“I’m someone who is not inherently athletic, who never participated in any competitive sports, and who gets bored going to the gym to run in place and lift things up/put them down. So if I could go back in time 6 months and tell past-Josh that today I would be in the best shape of my life, down 20 pounds with tons more energy and stamina, and committed to working out 4+ times a week, he would be shocked. But here I am, thanks not just to jiu jitsu, but to North South specifically. Coaches Karen and Adam are excellent instructors with tons of skill, patience, clarity and a true interest in my growth and success. And my regular classmates have been so welcoming, encouraging and challenging that it doesn’t feel like “going to the gym” as much as it does being part of a community. If I can do it, anyone can. And there’s no better place than North South.”

– Joshua Sigmund

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