This class is focused on the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from stand-up to ground work. It is 45 min long, beginning with a warm up, then positional drills that focus on one or two techniques for the week, finishing with positional sparring and a round of live training. This class is great for all levels of students, whether you are just starting out, or are experienced and want to sharpen your technique.

This class is part of our full adult membership.


This class is focused on more advanced technique. It’s programmed like the fundamentals class, with a warm up, then drilling and sparring. There is more time for sparring, and technique is programmed differently, taking two complementary techniques for an advanced sequence of moves. This class will bring your game to the next level, but is open to all levels of skill. This class is part of our full adult membership.


NO-GI, or Submission Grappling, is jiu jitsu without the kimono (gi).  This class runs the same as the Mixed level classes, but is done in shorts or spats, and a t-shirt or rashguard, and has more of a focus on wrestling and leg attacks. It’s a great addition to traditional Jiu Jitsu and everyone should give it a shot.

This class is part of our full adult membership.


The Conditioning Class is not a jiu jitsu class, but is always designed with jiu jitsu in mind. Using weights, bands, interval training, and other tools, it is great for balancing the repetition of jiu jitsu by building strength in areas of the body that will counter the overuse of the chest and shoulders, hips, and back, as well as building overall strength for healthy joints. Adding this class to your routine will make you stronger and allow you to train better and longer.

This class is part of our full adult membership.

KIDS BJJ (4-5)

Thirty minute class for ages 4-5. A great start for the little ones to get active and begin to learn the foundations of jiu jitsu.

KIDS BJJ (6-10)

Forty minute class for ages 6-10. This class provides an opportunity or children to develop focus, discipline, respect, and confidence, while learning valuable technique.

KIDS BJJ (11-14)

Forty minute class consisting of a warmup, technique, and live sparring. A great opportunity for kids to develop focus, skill, self defense, and camaraderie.

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